3D printing emissions and recommended ventilation

Thermoplastic polymers can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Ultrafine particles (UFPs) when melted. It is therefore recommended to print in a well ventilated area. If you 3D print under the recommended conditions, it is safe to use any Ultimaker 3D printer with any Ultimaker material. The Ultimaker Air Manager strongly reduces the release of Ultrafine Particles, which is especially useful if intense printing takes place.

Note: Recommended conditions are to use a single 3D printer in a room of 30.6 m3 with an air exchange rate of 1.8 hr

Additional safety information about the Ultimaker materials can be found in the safety data sheets of the specific materials.

An Ultimaker white paper with details and data about particle emissions and required ventilation can be read here or downloaded from this page. Information about the Ultimaker S-line safety and compliance can be read on this page.

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