What type of glue should I use for build plate adhesion?

A glue stick is supplied with the Ultimaker 3D printers to improve build plate adhesion during printing and improve release after cooling down. While the UHU glue stick works well for the materials that are supplied with the 3D printer (Tough PLA and PVA), we recommend to use advanced glues for printing with engineering materials. 

For build plate adhesion it is important to use a well levelled and clean build plate and a stable print environment. General tips and tricks on design guidelineshow to fix warping and how to adjust printing parameters can even further help reducing warpage of your 3D printed model.

The following glues are recommended for each of the Ultimaker materials. Reliable build plate adhesion and release for engineering materials can be accomplished with Magigoo adhesives.

Material Recommended glue
Ultimaker PLA UHU stick
Ultimaker PETG UHU stick
Ultimaker Tough PLA UHU stick
Ultimaker ABS UHU stick
Ultimaker CPE Magigoo original
Ultimaker CPE+ Magigoo original
Ultimaker Nylon Magigoo PA
Ultimaker PC Magigoo PC
Ultimaker TPU95A Magigoo Flex
Ultimaker PP Magigoo PP
Ultimaker PVA Follow recommendation for build material or UHU stick
Ultimaker Breakaway Follow recommendation for build material or UHU stick

Caution:  For Ultimaker PETG and Ultimaker ABS we recommend the use of UHU stick to prevent excessive adhesion and avoid the risk of damage on the build plate or printed part. 

For materials in the Material Alliance Program, adhesion guidelines are available in the Ultimaker Marketplace.

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