Humidity control in the Material Station

The Material Station has a built-in dehumidifier. The dehumidifier controls the humidity inside the Material Station. Silica beads absorb the moisture in the chamber and maintain relative humidity under 40%. The dehumidifier will regenerate the silica beads when they are saturated.

The dehumidifier can only regenerate if power is supplied to the Material Station. If the Material Station has been unplugged for a long period, the dehumidifier can take longer than usual to reach stable conditions.

The Material Station has two error messages that relate to the dehumidifier:

  • ER67: The Material Station performs a self-check on the dehumidifier. If a problem with the connection or the hardware components is detected, ER67 will show on the display of the Ultimaker S5. Follow the steps in the linked support article, and 'Submit a request' to contact support if the error persists.
  • ER68: If the humidity inside the Material Station is above 40% for a prolonged period of time, ER68 will show on the display. Note that this error is disabled for the first 12 hours after the Material Station is powered on, to allow the dehumidifier sufficient time to restore the internal humidity. Follow the steps in the linked support article, and 'Submit a request' to contact support if the error persists. 

Note: It is not recommended to store (moisture sensitive) materials in the Material Station if the power cable is disconnected.

Note: The Material Station is not designed to actively dry the loaded materials. Although there is humidity control, this will only ensure the materials do not absorb more moisture while loaded in the Material Station. It is therefore recommended to store moisture-sensitive materials, such as PVA, in the Material Station immediately after opening the spool or according to the storage recommendations. PVA or other materials that have already been exposed to moisture can be dried according to the instructions in this article.

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