Spool dimension compatibility in Material Station

The Ultimaker S5 Material Station delivers a more flexible, efficient, and reliable solution for material handling and storage on the Ultimaker S5. More information about printing with the Material Station can be found on this page.

Physical spool size limit

The Material Station has six different material bays in which material spools can be loaded. These material bays have a physical limit for compatible spool sizes. Spools that can be used in the Material Station have the following maximum dimensions:

  • Maximum width of 70 mm (2.7 in)
  • Maximum diameter of 203 mm (8 in)

Spools larger than these dimensions will not fit in the Material Station.

Spool size recommendations

Additionally, we have the following recommendations regarding supported spool sizes:


50 - 70 mm

(2 - 2.7 in)

The minimum spool width makes sure that the NFC information of Ultimaker materials can be successfully read and displayed. To improve detection, place the material spool on the left side of the material bay. Spools < 50 mm may not be held in place reliably.

Outer diameter

197 - 203 mm

(7.8 - 8 in)

The minimum spool diameter ensures good contact with the gears for successful rewinding of the filament. 

Core diameter

> 98 mm

(> 3.8 in)

The minimum core diameter is especially important for stiff materials to make sure that the last filament windings can be successfully handled in the Material Station.


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