How to block support generation in Ultimaker Cura

TipThis article describes the built-in support blocker tool in Ultimaker Cura, which uses a simple cube by default. The per model settings also allow blocking support generation in an advanced way, using a custom 3D model.

You can block automatic support generation in Ultimaker Cura with the 'Support blocker' tool, from the adjustment tools menu.

  1. Select the model you would like to block support from
  2. Select the sixth adjustment tool to activate it
  3. Click the location of the model to generate a 1cm by 1cm by 1cm support blocker
  4. Support generation will be blocked where the support blocker completely overlaps the 3D model

Note: Ensure 'Generate support' is enabled in the print settings panel, as these will be affected by this tool.

Support blocker overview

  1. Support blocker tool. Add multiple support blocker cubes by clicking the model
  2. Support blocker large cube. Support blockers are displayed as translucent grey cubes and can be moved, scaled and rotated just like any other loaded 3D model
  3. 3D model. The 3D model loaded, without support blockers
  4. Support blocker cube. Support blockers are 1cm by 1cm by 1cm by default
  5. Blocked large support. The layer view shows the result of the added large support blocker
  6. Support structure. Without support blockers, the support structure covers the bottom layers of the entire model
  7. Blocked support. The layer view shows the result of the added small support blocker


Adjust the support blocker

Support blockers added to your model can be adjusted just like other 3D models loaded in Ultimaker Cura.

  1. Exit the support blocker tool by clicking it again
  2. Select one of the grey support blocker cubes in the 3D viewer
  3. Move, scale and rotate the support blocker to position it to your likings


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