Replace the axial fan of the Ultimaker 3

The axial fan at the front of the print head spins when one of the print cores is above 40 ºC. This helps to prevent the heat from the nozzle traveling too far upwards. Without this fan, the filament could get soft above the heater block, which leads to extrusion and print quality issues.

If the fan is not spinning, it is recommended to replace it before starting a new print. The following steps describe how to correctly replace the front axial fan.

Caution: Make sure the nozzles are cooled, the Ultimaker is turned off and the power supply is disconnected before you start the replacement.

Parts required:

  • 1x 2133 Axial fan

Tools required:

  • 2.0 hex screwdriver
  • Flat nose pliers (optional)


  • 20 minutes


1. Loosen the side fan bracket

  • Place the print head in the middle of the printer for easier access.
  • Use the hex screwdriver to remove the four screws that hold the side fan bracket. 

2. Move the fan bracket down

  • Slightly bend the front fan bracket open.
  • Move the front and side fan bracket assemblies down to create some room.

Ultimaker3_Loosen-side-fan-bracket.jpeg Ultimaker3_Move-fan-bracket-down.jpeg

3. Loosen the front fan bracket

  • Slightly bend the side fan bracket open.
  • Loosen the front fan bracket by dislodging the holes in the front fan bracket from the tabs in the side fan bracket.

4. Loosen the front fan cover

  • Put the side fan bracket out of the way.
  • Use the hex screwdriver to remove the two screws that connect the front fan bracket and cover.

Ultimaker3_Loosen-front-fan-bracket.jpeg Ultimaker3_Unscrew-front-fan-cover.jpeg

5. Remove the fan from the cover

  • Carefully bend the metal tab that covers the fan wires slightly open.
  • Move the fan wires out from underneath the tab.
  • Take the fan out of the cover.

Caution: Do not open the tab too much, otherwise it may break off.

Disconnect the fan

  • Turn the Ultimaker 3 around.
  • The axial fan is connected to the second connector from the left at the back of the print head.
  • Carefully remove the fan plug from the connector.

Ultimaker3_Connect-new-front-fan.jpeg Ultimaker3_Remove-fan-wire.jpeg



1. Place the fan in the fan cover

  • Take the new fan and hold it at the correct orientation; with the sticker facing towards you and the wires in the top left corner.
  • Place the fan in the front fan cover.

2. Connect the fan cover to the fan bracket

  • Place the wires under the metal tab at the left side of the fan bracket.
  • Align the holes in the fan cover with the holes in the fan bracket.
  • Secure the parts together with the two screws that you removed earlier.

Ultimaker3_Place-fan-in-cover.jpeg Ultimaker3_Align-fan-cover-bracket.jpeg

3. Close the wire cover

  • Ensure that the fan wires are under the metal tab.
  • Press it firmly to close the tab, to prevent the wires from getting out.

Tip: Use pliers to ensure that the tab is firmly closed.

4. Connect the new fan

  • Take the plug from the front fan and connect it to the second connector from the left at the back of the print head.

Ultimaker3_Close-wire-cover.jpeg Ultimaker3_Disconnect-front-fan.jpeg

5. Attach to print head

  • Slightly bend the side fan bracket open.
  • Align the holes in the front fan bracket with the tabs in the side fan bracket and click it in place. 

6. Attach the side fan bracket

  • Align the side fan bracket with the header bracket.
  • Secure the fan bracket with the four screws.

7. Close the front fan bracket

  • Push the front fan bracket upwards to close it.
  • Check if it moves smoothly. If it does not, you may need to relocate some wires or fix the connection to the side fan bracket.

Ultimaker3_Attach-front-fan-bracket.jpeg Ultimaker3_Attach-side-fan-bracket.jpeg


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