Network troubleshooting Ultimaker Cura

To verify a stable connection between Ultimaker Cura and your Ultimaker 3D printer, walk through the steps below to ensure your setup meets the requirements. The steps are given per subject; your Ultimaker 3D printer, your network router and the Ultimaker Cura software.

Note: Please walk through all the steps from top to bottom to ensure no details are missed.

Power your machine properly

Ensure the machine is turned on. The main menu should be visible on the LCD display and the LED’s of the machine should be lit.

Insert the power supply and turn the machine on by clicking the power button on the backside of the machine.

UltimakerS5-power.jpg Ultimaker3-power.jpg

Note: Booting up may take up to 60 seconds, please be patient before concluding the machine does not boot!

Connect your printer to the local network

Ensure to carefully follow these instructions to connect your Ultimaker 3D printer to your local network.

Tip: Benefit from remote printing and monitoring by connecting your printer to the Digital Factory.

Update your firmware

Ensure your Ultimaker 3D printer is running the latest stable firmware. The firmware differs per printer, please read the article of your printer:

Network router

The Ultimaker printers connect to your network router, meaning we are dealing with a lot of different kinds and brands of devices. Most generic routers have little restrictions or security measures and should connect easily, for routers on bigger networks things can get a little more complicated.

Firewalls & Security measures

If you are using your Ultimaker 3D printer in a company environment on a big network, it might be that the connection is refused because of security reasons. Ultimaker uses different network ports for discovery, printer control and the camera feed:

Ultimaker Cura: Same local network

It is a mistake easily made, especially in an office environment with multiple networks available. Make sure your computer is on the same network as your Ultimaker 3D printer, since they need to be connected in order to communicate with each other.

Tip: Selected Ultimaker 3D printers can be connected via the cloud, read how to set up your cloud connection here.

Ultimaker Cura: Version

To get the most stable connection between Ultimaker Cura and your Ultimaker 3D printer, make sure you are running the latest version of Ultimaker Cura. Download the latest stable version available from our website for free. Download and install the software and run through the connection process again, which can be found here.

Ultimaker Cura: Remove and re-install your machine

The Ultimaker 3D printer information, including the MAC address and the security handshake information, is stored in the printer files on your computer. Sometimes the data in these files get corrupted or outdated in unforeseen ways. To resolve this, remove the current Ultimaker 3D printer and add it to Ultimaker Cura again.

Ultimaker Cura: Add printer by IP address

The last resort to establish a connection with the printer is to add the IP address of the printer manually to Ultimaker Cura.

  1. Find the IP address of your Ultimaker 3D printer:
    Ultimaker S3/S5: System > Network / Preferences > Network
    Ultimaker 3: System > Network > Connection status


  1. In Ultimaker Cura, go the ‘manage printers’ and click ‘Add’ (2). A pop-up appears where this IP address can be entered (4). Finally, click ‘Ok’ (5) and finish the procedure


  1. Select your Ultimaker printer if it is listed here
  2. Add: Provides a pop-up for entering your printer’s IP address for manual connection
  3. Refresh: Use this button to refresh the list of devices, since it might be outdated
  4. Enter the Ultimaker’s IP address here
  5. Click ‘Ok’ to add the given IP address


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