ER67 - Dehumidifier is not working correctly

If you see this error, the Material Station's dehumidifier has failed its self-test.


The dehumidifier is located at the back on the inside of the Material Station. It contains several different components that allow it to maintain a low relative humidity for the materials and to self-regenerate. The Material Station will check if all these components are functioning correctly. The ER67 error will show if the self-test has failed.

This error will not interrupt the printing process and can be dismissed, but it is a warning that the Material Station is missing one of its key features: maintaining an internal relative humidity of < 40%. If the humidity rises due to a malfunctioning dehumidifier, the quality of the materials may degrade, especially moisture-sensitive materials such as PVA.


Try the following in case of an ER67:

Dismiss The error may be caused by a temporary communication problem. Simply try dismissing the error first.
Reboot If ER67 reappears, power down the Pro Bundle by disconnecting the power cable from the Material Station. After a few minutes, reconnect the power cable and turn on the Ultimaker S5.
Diagnose When the error is persistent, it is likely that there is a hardware or connection problem with the dehumidifier or the humidity sensor. The log files provide more information about what is causing the error.

Further troubleshooting requires analyzing the log files and, based on the outcome, performing specific hardware checks on the Material Station. Please contact support for assistance with this error message and include your log files.

If you require further support, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

Please ensure to include the error number (ERXX) and your printer's log files.


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