ER67 - Dehumidifier is not working correctly

If you see this error, the dehumidifier of the Material Station has failed its self-test upon boot up. The dehumidifier of the Material Station has a number of electronics for correct functioning. Upon boot up, the software tests for proper functioning of all its electronics.

To troubleshoot please try the following:

  1. Power down the Ultimaker S5
  2. Remove the power cable from the Material Station
  3. Wait for 1 hour with the Material Station and Ultimaker S5 powered down
  4. Replug the Material station and Power up the Ultimaker S5

If the error is persistent, then it is likely that the dehumidifier in your Material Station is indeed faulty, and needs replacement. Please raise a support ticket above to get in contact with your local service provider, who will be able to help you replace the unit.

Note: For fastest troubleshooting a response, please share with us your serial number (printer and material station) and recent log files. This will help us understand the nature of the problem quicker.

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