What is material management?

Ultimaker Cura comes preloaded with profiles for Ultimaker materials to make it easy for you to start printing immediately without the need to perform configuration test prints. When printing with other materials, it is possible to add them yourself.

Print profiles for other materials can be added via the Marketplace or by adding materials manually within the material manager.

The material manager stores your settings, so you can print with your favorite materials every time. To go to the material settings, go to File > Preferences.

Tip: Quickly open the material manager by pressing 'CTRL + K' on Windows or 'CMD + K' on Mac OS.


  1. Materials tab. in the preferences panel
  2. Activate. Activates the select material from the list as your current material. This can be done quickly by using the configuration panel, part of the stage menu
  3. Create. This creates a new material based on PLA as a base
  4. Duplicate. This duplicates the selected material
  5. Remove. Removes the selected material
  6. Import. Allows to import downloaded and shared material profiles
  7. Export. Export material profiles
  8. Material information. Displays information of the selected material. Default material profiles, like tough PLA, cannot be altered
  9. Print settings. Shows the print settings used while printing this material
  10. Favorite icon. Appears when hovering the mouse over the materials list. Click the icon to add the material to your material favorites
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