How to manage printing profiles in Ultimaker Cura

Open the print profile manager in either of these three ways;

  • Use the shortcut command 'CTRL + J' for Windows or 'CMD + J' for Mac
  • Open the Ultimaker Cura preferences and select the profiles tab
  • Open the print profile quick menu and select 'Manage Profiles...'

Tip: A lot of print profile manager functionality can also be found in the print profile quick menu.

The print profile manager contains all default and user saved profiles and allows you to manage these in a convenient way.

  1. Profiles. The profile tab in the Ultimaker Cura preferences panel
  2. Activate. Select a profile and click Activate to change to the selected profile
  3. Duplicate. The selected profile will be duplicated
  4. Remove. The selected profile will be removed from Ultimaker Cura
  5. Rename. Give the selected profile a new name
  6. Import. Allows importing previously exported print profiles into Ultimaker Cura
  7. Export. The selected profile will be exported and can be shared or saved as a backup
  8. Extruder tabs. Print profile information is stored in the global settings tab that counts for both extruders. The separate extruder tabs contain extruder unique parameters


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