What file types are supported in Ultimaker Cura?

Ultimaker Cura natively supports loading a wide range of file types, including 2D images, gcode and project files. See the list of supported file types below.

3D models

  • 3MF File (.3mf)
  • AMF File (.amf)
  • COLLADA Digital Asset Exchange (.dae)
  • Compressed COLLADA Digital Asset Exchange (.zae)
  • Open Compressed Triangle Mesh (.ctm)
  • STL file (.stl)
  • Stanford Triangle Format (.ply)
  • Wavefront OBJ File (.obj)
  • X3D file (.x3d)
  • glTF Binary (.glb)
  • glTF Embedded JSON (.gltf)


  • BMP image (.bmp)
  • GIF image (.gif)
  • JPEG image (.jpeg)
  • JPG image (.jpg)
  • PNG Image (.png)


  • Compressed G-code file (.gz)
  • G file (.g)
  • G-code file (.gcode)
  • Ultimaker Format Package (.ufp)


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