The benefits of a network connected printer in Ultimaker Cura

Networked Ultimaker 3D printers have the ability to seamlessly connect with Ultimaker Cura and Digital Factory to enhance your 3D printing experience. After connecting to your Ultimaker 3D printers, these benefits are automatically available to you;

  • Synchronize configurations
    The Ultimaker print core and material configuration loaded on your machine is automatically synchronized with Ultimaker Cura. This takes away the need to manually select your configuration and reduces the chance of human error.
  • Print over network and via cloud
    Print jobs can be sent to your Ultimaker via the network at an instant. This eliminates the use of USB drives and even allows to effortlessly queue multiple 3D prints on a single printer or group of printers within your team.
  • Monitoring
    The monitor tab in Ultimaker Cura or the Digital Factory allows monitoring your 3D printing progress closely from within your local network or via the Cloud outside your local network.
  • Synchronize Marketplace materials
    Networked Ultimaker printers automatically synchronize any materials downloaded from the marketplace to the 3D printer. This workflow makes it easy to download and select the correct material profile with the same 3D printing reliability.

Tip: Networked Ultimaker 3D printers benefit more from Ultimaker Cloud services such as remote printing. Learn more about connecting your Ultimaker 3D printer to the Cloud here.

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