The 3D viewer quick menu in Ultimaker Cura

The 3D viewer quick menu can be opened by right-clicking anywhere in the 3D viewer, with additional options available when right-clicking 3D models. It offers various ways to arrange your 3D models with a single click for improved workflow efficiency.

  • Center selected model on the build plate
  • Delete selected model from the build plate
  • Multiply selected model to create a number of copies, defined in the pop-up menu.
  • Print selected extruder with either extruder 1 or extruder 2. This can also be changed via the toolbar menu
  • Select all models on the build plate, to adjust simultaneously
  • Arrange all models automatically on the build plate. This is especially useful when loading multiple smaller 3D models simultaneously
  • Clear build plate to load new 3D models.
  • Reload all models refreshed the models on the build plate, if the 3D model has been updated or replaced by a new version outside of Ultimaker Cura
  • Reset all model positions on the build plate
  • Reset all model transformations on the build plate
  • Group, merge and ungroup models to prepare them for dual extrusion or adjust them simultaneously


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