How to add a custom printer to Ultimaker Cura

Ultimaker Cura comes with a wide range of preset third party and Ultimaker printers to select from. In the case your printer type is not present, modified or needs adjustment in any way, adding a custom printer might be the solution. Custom printers are loaded with an empty machine profile, leaving all parameters to be manually adjusted. The image below shows an overview of the available settings and a rough guide on how to handle them.

Open the add printer menu and select 'Custom' from the list of available non-networked printers.


Warning: Custom printer configurations and their effects are not tested. Please use the parameters carefully as Ultimaker is not responsible and does not provide support for third party printers.

  1. Printer tab. Contains all printer information. The extruder tab(s) contain extruder specific information
  2. Build plate dimensions. These are used to calculate the maximum dimensions for printed models
  3. Build plate. Set the build plate parameters for the shape, heater and heated build volume
  4. Start G-code. This code runs before every gcode. It contains moves to home the print head, extrude some material and more
  5. Print head settings. The print head dimensions are used to calculate the exact nozzle position and prevents the print head from hitting the printer frame when gcode is created
  6. Number of extruders. Every extruder loaded is represented by their own tab
  7. End g-code. This code runs after every g-code. It contains code to move the head back to the home position and cooldown both the build plate and nozzle(s)


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