How to connect to a networked printer in Ultimaker Cura

Networked Ultimaker 3D printers can be connected to Ultimaker Cura in two ways: add a new networked printer or connect an already configured printer in Ultimaker Cura.

Tip: Networked printers are configured automatically, which provides benefits to the 3D printing experience.

Add a new networked printer

The easiest way to connect your networked 3D printer to Ultimaker Cura is by adding your printer via the 'Add printer' wizard. Follow the instructions on how to add a networked printer in this article.

Connect an already available printer

Networked printers already added to Ultimaker Cura can be connected through the print manager. With the networked printer active, open the 'Printer panel' and select 'Manager printers'.


The printer management window shows a list of all printers currently available in Ultimaker Cura.

  1. Select the local printer you would like to connect to
  2. Select 'Connect via Network' to open the network connection window
  3. Select your printer from the list of available networked printers. This list is automatically populated with printers available on your local network
  4. If the printer does not show up, try refreshing the list manually. Alternatively, the 'Add' button allows to manually enter the IP-address of the printer to connect to it
  5. Select 'Connect' to establish the network connection



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