Ultimaker Platform network requirements

Setting up the network where Ultimaker printers are may require some need additional exceptions and permissions in your environment.

1. Ports - Which ports should be open?

To benefit from the full features of the Ultimaker platform, it is important that there is nothing hindering the communication between the cloud, printer, and the device running Ultimaker Cura. The Ultimaker ecosystem uses ports as follows:UM200303-Ecosystem-graphic-RB-V20a-01.png

    • Communication to cloud servers
      For cloud communication, the following ports need to be open.
      • Port 443 – Encrypted https communication between the cloud server and the printer
      • NTP port 123 – The printer fetches the correct current time stamp using NTP port 123. The correct current timestamp is needed on the printer to establish a cloud connection
      • Port 32118 – When signing-in from Ultimaker Cura, the application creates its own local web server via http://localhost:32118. This is webserver handles the authentication that takes place when the user logs in from Cura. This port must not be blocked on the local computer
      • TCP port 53 on - Ultimaker 2+ Connect only. This 2+ Connect utilizes this port for a communication check
      • Communication on the local network
        On the local network, ensure that ports 80, 5353, and 8080 are open to allow communication between the Ultimaker printer and Ultimaker Cura. The ports are used as follows:
        • Port 5353 – Printer discovery, allowing Ultimaker Cura to detect local network printers
        • Port 80 – Printer control
        • Port 8080 – Camera feed
        • NTP port 123 - time stamp

          Port 22 is used for SSH communication with your printer. This port is closed by default on the printer and is only opened when developer mode is enabled.

          NTP port 123 connects to public server pool.ntp.org
          However, if your DHCP server issues NTP information such as an internal/local NTP server that will be used by the printer instead.


2. Domains - Which domains need to be whitelisted?

Make sure the following domains are whitelisted:


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