Update the Ultimaker S3 firmware

Periodically, a new version of the Ultimaker S3 firmware is released. To ensure that your Ultimaker S3 has the latest features, we recommend keeping the firmware updated. This can be performed on the Ultimaker S3 when connected to a network or via USB.

You can download the latest firmware here:

Tip: The Ultimaker S3 runs the same firmware, and has the same features as the Ultimaker S5. For the latest release notes, refer to the Ultimaker S-line release notes.

Update your Ultimaker S3 via USB

  • Place the file on the USB stick in the root directory
  • Insert the USB stick in the USB port of your printer
  • Go to Preferences > Maintenance > Update firmware, and select the new firmware in the update menu

Update your Ultimaker S3 via the network

Connect the printer to the network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet in the Preferences > Network menu

  • Go to Preferences > Maintenance > Update firmware
  • Choose either the Stable or Latest version
  • Press Install to start updating the firmware

Wait for the Ultimaker S3 to finish updating the firmware. The printer will restart.


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