Ultimaker S3 vs Ultimaker S5

The Ultimaker S3 and the Ultimaker S5 share a lot of features and technology, and so belong in the same family of printers. Both printers boast an open filament system that are fully compatible with the entire Ultimaker ecosystem.

What’s the difference between the Ultimaker S3 and the Ultimaker S5?

The Ultimaker S3 inherits many of the key features and technologies of the Ultimaker S5. It has a smaller build volume - 230 x 192 x 200 mm vs 330 x 240 x 330 mm. The Ultimaker S5 benefits from integration with peripherals such as the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager and Material Station. There are currently no peripherals for the Ultimaker S3.

Can I print all the Ultimaker and marketplace materials on the Ultimaker S3?

The Ultimaker S3 inherits the same abrasion-resistant knurled wheel present on the Ultimaker S5.  Therefore the Ultimaker S3 will be able to print the full range of materials offered by Ultimaker and the marketplace.

It may be possible that some materials do not yet feature correct print profiles for the Ultimaker S3. Print profiles ensure correct material forwarding and retracting in the machine. They are governed by the print settings.

Tip: Stay up to date on the latest marketplace materials offering by browsing marketplace.ultimaker.com.

Are there electronics differences between the Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5?

All Ultimaker S3's are built to comply to EMC class B devices. The power supply unit of Ultimaker S3 is shielded, improving serviceability of the device. 

The Ultimaker S5 was initially launched as a EMC class A device. In March of 2020, a revised version of the Ultimaker S5 was released to market which improved compliance with EMC, and ensured that the Ultimaker S5 was also EMC class B compliant.

Are the power requirements different between the Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5?

The Ultimaker S3 has a smaller build plate which requires less power to be heated up to the same temperatures as the Ultimaker S5. Therefore the Ultimaker S3 uses less power, up to a maximum of 350 W compared to the 500 W of the Ultimaker S5. 

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