Error messages for the Ultimaker Original

If there is a problem relating to temperature control on your Ultimaker Original, the printer will display an error message. In these cases, the print progress is stopped and the heater turns off for safety reasons. Follow the tips on this page to resolve the error message and continue printing.

Warning: Always turn off the Ultimaker Original and disconnect the power cable before troubleshooting any of these errors.


Both of these error messages refer to a problem with the nozzle temperature. The thermocouple sensor registers incorrect values and, due to safety reasons, it will prevent the nozzle from heating up. If you get a MINTEMP error the Ultimaker Original registers a too low temperature (< 5 °C), while a MAXTEMP error suggests a too high temperature (> 300 °C).

The most likely cause for these errors is a connection problem. This can be a loose connector or damage to one of the components.

Please check the following:

Sensor wires

Make sure that the red and yellow wires of the thermocouple sensor are well secured in the green screen terminal of the thermocouple transmitter board.

Sensor board

The print head cable connector with the red, yellow, and black wire should be attached to the thermocouple transmitter board.

Mainboard Turn the printer on its side and look for TEMP1 on the mainboard. Ensure that the connector with the red, yellow, and black wire is plugged in.
Print head cable The print head cable has a second, unused connector (for a dual extrusion upgrade). Switch the connector at both the print head and mainboard.

If you continue to see the error message after performing the checks described above, there is likely a hardware failure. Either the thermocouple sensor or thermocouple transmitter is damaged. Contact support or your local reseller for a replacement.

Heating failed

The heating failed message means that the Ultimaker Original is unable to heat up the nozzle. This error is often accompanied by a flashing display on the UltiController.

This error is could be caused by either the heater, or the temperature sensor. Check the tips below to resolve the error message:


Check if the temperature sensor is properly inserted into the heater block of the print head. If this is not the case, then the heater does heat up the nozzle, but because the sensor cannot register an increase in temperature, the error appears and all heating is stopped for safety reasons.

Push the end of the temperature sensor into the heater block, and secure it with the small bolt.


The heater wires may not be connected correctly. Place the printer on its side and check if the wires are fully inserted into the terminal marked HEATER1. Gently pull on each wire to check if it is secure. Ensure the bare ends of the wires cannot touch each other and fully tighten the screws of the terminal.

Additionally, check the cable for signs of damage, especially at the print head. If the protective outer sleeve of the cable is damaged, this can cause a short circuit and the heater should be replaced.

If the error still appears after checking the connections, it could mean that the heater cartridge itself is damaged. Contact support or your local reseller for a replacement. 

Note: Because the Ultimaker Original is a discontinued product, the availability of spare parts is not guaranteed.

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