Error messages for the Ultimaker Original

There are a few error messages that could show up while using your Ultimaker Original. If you ever happen to get one of these errors, you can easily follow the instructions below to troubleshoot the issue.

Make sure to always turn the Ultimaker Original off and disconnect the power supply before troubleshooting these errors.

Mintemp or Maxtemp error

This refers to a problem with the temperature measurement of the nozzle. It means that the thermocouple sensor registers incorrect values and due to safety reasons it will prevent the nozzle from heating up. If you get a MINTEMP error the Ultimaker Original registers a too low temperature (< 5°C), while a MAXTEMP error suggests a too high temperature (> 300°C). The most likely reason for this is connection problem, which could happen due to a bad connection at the main board or print head, or damage of one of the components.

To check all the connections, you have to take a look at the following:

  • Make sure that the red and yellow wire of the thermocouple sensor are well secured in the green screen terminal of the thermocouple transmitter board
  • The connector with the red, yellow and black wire should be attached to the thermocouple transmitter board
  • Look for 'TEMP1' on the main board and make sure that the connector with the red, yellow and black wire is plugged in

When the error message still shows up, the next step is to rule out a cable break in the print head cable. Therefore take these steps:

  • Attach the connector with the orange, green and brown wires to the thermocouple transmitter board, instead of the connector with the red, yellow and black wires
  • Swap these connectors on the main board as well; the connector with the orange, green and brown wires should be connected to 'TEMP1'

Still giving problems? This probably means that either the thermocouple sensor or thermocouple transmitter is damaged. You can get in touch with our support department for further assistance.

Heating failed

The heating failed message means that the Ultimaker Original is unable to heat up the nozzle. When you get this error message you will probably have a flashing UltiController display as well.

The reason for this heating problem is most likely a bad connection. Therefore you need to take a look at the heater cartridge cables; they are connected to 'HEATER1' on the main board. It is advised to take them out and reconnect them in order to be sure about a proper connection.

If the error still appears after having checked the connections, it could mean that the heater cartridge itself is damaged. Our support team would be more than happy to give further assistance.

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