How to adjust print settings per model in Ultimaker Cura

The print settings can be changed per model loaded on the build plate using the per model settings. This feature is only available when the print settings panel is set to custom mode. The feature provides the ability to have multiple models in Ultimaker Cura with a different printing strategy on the same build plate. This allows easy printing of batches of models for different purposes.

Note: This process adjusts the print settings of an individual model loaded on the build plate. To change the print settings of all models, simply adjust the settings in the print settings panel.

You can adjust a wide variety of print settings individually for the selected model the following way:

  1. Select the model you would like to have an adjusted print strategy to open the model toolbar on the left side of the screen
  2. Select the 'per model settings' tool to adjust its print settings

Per model settings overview

  1. Per model settings. All selected models will be affected by the modified settings
  2. Normal model. Ensure to keep this option selected to print the model 'as normal'
  3. Model. Multiple models can be selected and altered at once
  4. Settings filter. Can be used to quickly find the desired setting
  5. Show all. The settings available match the visible settings in the print settings panel. Select 'show all' to view all settings instead
  6. Close. The window can be closed after the desired settings are visible
  7. Active setting. Select settings here to make them visible in the per model settings menu
  8. Remove setting. Click the '-' icon to remove the per model settings from the list
  9. Setting values. Change these to the desired values
  10. Select settings. Brings up the list of available settings to add to the printing strategy


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