How to use the custom print settings in Ultimaker Cura

In Ultimaker Cura there are two modes available in the print settings panel: recommended mode and custom mode. Recommended mode is perfect for beginners, while custom mode offers more settings for experienced users. In the ‘first use’ section it is explained how slicing in recommended mode works; in this section, we explain how to use custom mode.


Depending on your machine, print core and material configuration, a variety of profiles are available to print out of the box. These profiles are a perfect start point to base your own custom profiles on. These profiles provide variable layer heights between 60 and 400 micron, print speeds, and many more settings. Selected Ultimaker 3D printers have additional intent profiles available, designed to print selected applications at the best possible outcome. Material profiles from the marketplace are often limited to specific print cores and only have one or two printing profiles available.


The custom mode has a number of user interface elements that are used to tweak printing profiles. The image below shows the interface and the functions of these parts of the user interface.

  1. Print settings panel. This panel shows the current printing strategy at a glance, click it to view the entire panel
  2. Profile selector. This contains a list of available profiles suitable for the current configuration.
  3. Setting visibility menu. This menu has the ability to quickly view or hide a preset of print settings
  4. Visibility profiles. Basic, advanced and expert views, increasing number of available settings with every step
  5. Manage settings visibility. Opens the preferences panel
  6. Setting parameter. These parameters define the setting values, each is indicated with the right unit type
  7. Expand window. Drag the handles to expand the window to see more settings at once
  8. Mode selector. toggles between custom and recommended mode
  9. Setting category. All settings are categorized on printed parts
  10. Setting filter. Start typing to immediately filter settings by name
  11. Extruder tab. Values of the selected extruder will be changed


Custom mode icons and indicators

Ultimaker Cura indicates relations between custom settings with icons that indicate their relation. Settings visible to the user can be linked, automatically calculated, unavailable or hidden. This is the full list of icons and indicators used in the custom mode:

  1. Linked setting. Settings with this icon are linked between extruders, the setting will always be equal between all extruders
  2. Greyed out setting. This setting is overwritten by a child setting. Reset the child setting to alter this setting
  3. Gear icon. Opens the setting visibility preferences
  4. Information icon. Shows a hidden setting influences the printing strategy. This only occurs when you accidentally change a setting and hide it afterward
  5. Categories. Can be collapsed to hide them temporarily when focusing on different aspects
  6. Reset icon. Resets the value to its default or parent setting
  7. Calculated icon. Indicates the setting is normally calculated from a parent setting 


Setting filter

Ultimaker Cura has a lot of settings that are easiest to find using this filter. Simply start typing to filter both already visible and hidden settings.

  1. Setting filter. Only settings with the phrase ‘layer’ are visible
  2. Active settings. These are displayed solid. They will still be visible after clearing the filter
  3. Hidden settings. These are displayed greyed out. They will remain hidden after clearing the filter
  4. Tooltip. Shows useful setting information when hovering the mouse over a setting
  5. Quick menu. Right-clicking a setting has options to copy the settings’ value, hide/show it and to open the setting visibility preferences


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