How to connect your printers to the Digital Factory

By connecting your Ultimaker 3D printer you will get access to unique features within the Ultimaker platform. Let's get started.

Tip: The tabs below show the different workflows for the different types of Ultimaker 3D printers that support the Digital Factory: Ultimaker S-line, Ultimaker 2+ Connect, and Ultimaker 3.

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Not using an Ultimaker 3D printer?
Currently, the Ultimaker Digital Factory does not connect to third-party printers. To continue your workflow,  you can add your third-party printer manually in Ultimaker Cura and prepare your print jobs for your preferred 3D printer. Which printers does Ultimaker Cura support?


Learn how to set up your Ultimaker printer

Ultimaker S-line Ultimaker 2+ Connect Ultimaker 3


Step 1. Go to printer

Go to your printer Settings menu and open the Network settings. Scroll down to press on Ultimaker Digital Factory and Connect.

Not seeing this option? Make sure to update to the latest firmware.


Step 2. Get code

After pressing Connect, your printer will display a unique 6-digit code. You will need this code to link your printer to your Ultimaker account.

The unique 6-digit not appearing?
Make sure to check that the required ports and domains are reachable from your printer network

Step 3. Go to Digital Factory

Go to the Digital Factory and sign in with your Ultimaker account. On the Printer page, click on Add printer.


Step 4. Fill in code

Fill in the unique code from the printer and click on Connect.


All done!

Your printer will be immediately added to your printer dashboard in the Digital Factory. 

Having troubles connecting your printer?

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  • I am missing this product and features without cloud connectivity.
    We are maintaining everything within our local network and there is no reason for external connection.

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  • Hi Kai,

    Ultimaker is working to a Cloud first workflow. This means our cloud platform will be developed and maintained as a priority. Of course not everyone will be able to, or want to use the cloud. Therefore there ill always be a way to workk on a local network, as well as use an offline workflow .

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