The Ultimaker Original+ UltiController

The UltiController allows you to easily start print jobs, see information, and perform maintenance actions. When turning on your Ultimaker Original+, you will always see the main screen first. The main screen shows various information, as shown in the image below:


1. Nozzle temperature This shows the current temperature of the nozzle and the target temperature.
2. X/Y/Z coordinates These coordinates show the current position of the print head (X and Y) and the build plate (Z).
3. Flow rate This is the flow rate compared to the settings from Ultimaker Cura.
4. Heated bed temperature This shows the current temperature of the heated build plate and the target temperature.
5. Elapsed time When a print is in progress, this shows how long the Ultimaker Original has been printing the current job.
6. SD% This keeps track of the progress of the print in a percentage.


When you push the button on the UltiController, you will enter the main menu. This is divided into four submenus:

Info screen This will guide you back to the main screen.
Prepare This offers several options to prepare your Ultimaker Original by manually controller certain settings.
Control Here, you can change machine settings for the Ultimaker Original.
Print from SD card When an SD card is inserted into the UltiController, you can select a file to start a print.


Once a print has started, the menu on the UltiController will slightly change. Instead of the Prepare option, you will now see a Tune option in the main menu. This allows you to change settings (such as nozzle temperature and print speed) while printing, in order to have more control over the printing process.

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