Remote printer management

With the Ultimaker Digital Factory you can access your Ultimaker printer from any device, whether that's desktop or mobile, using your preferred web browser. The Digital Factory currently only works for connected Ultimaker printers. 

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Printer overview 

On the printer dashboard you can view the status of all your connected printers. For each printer you will see the name, type and connected add-ons. Also you can see the status of a printer and which print job it is printing. In case of an error or warning, a message bar will be shown. This way you can on glance see which printer needs attention. 



Views & Sorting 

With the view icons you can change between list- and tile view. This is especially handy in combination with the sorting functionality. The sorting feature allows you to sort printers on name or on printers that need attention. 



Printer configuration details

On the printer detail page you can find more details about the printer configuration. On the printer tile you can see which materials and print cores are loaded. In case you are using an Ultimaker s5 with a connected Material Station all loaded materials are shown underneath the 'material station' link, including an indicator of the amount of material available.



Printer identity

From the context menu on the printer detail page you can change the name of the printer. The name of the printer will be shown on the printer, in the Ultimaker Digital Factory and in reports. Not sure which printer you are renaming? With the 'identify' action you can make the lights of your pinter blink for a few seconds.


Set printer firmware channel

Select the firmware channel you want to subscribe your printer to from the Ultimaker Digital Factory, choosing latest or stable firmware channel.
Learn more about firmware updates and channels



Update printer firmware

The Digital Factory will update you when a new firmware is availble. After clicking on 'update firmware' your printer will start download the new firmware, reboot and install without user interaction needed. 


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