Remote printing and printer management

The Ultimaker S-line printers, Ultimaker 2+ Connect and Ultimaker 3 can make use of a network connection to access cloud based services on Ultimaker Digital Factory. By linking a printer to your Ultimaker Account, the printer can then be controlled remotely, from outside of the local area network.

To add a printer to your Ultimaker Account navigate to the printers dashboard on the Digital Factory homepage and select the 'Add printers' button from the printers tab.

Note: The Ultimaker 3 utilizes the only cloud connection flow, and must be connected to the same local network to establish the first cloud connection link between the printer and your Ultimaker Account.

When linking a printer that is the host of a group printers to your Ultimaker Account, the entire cluster will be linked. The current status of your printers will be displayed in the printers tab of your dashboard. The dashboard overview quickly lets you see whether a printer is online or offline. If the printer or printer group is shared with other teams, you can quickly see who has access to your printers.

Tip: Use Teams to collaborate with colleagues, and pool together printer resources. Learn more about teams here.


Use the expandable menu via the three dots to share, manage or remove the printer from your account. You can share the printer with any teams that you have formed, or have been invited to. Manage your printer to quickly navigate to the printers Ultimaker Connect page.

Note: You can only access your Ultimaker Connect page when connected to the same local network.

Click the eye icon of online printers to get more details on the current status of the printer. The page will display the active configuration of the printer, including print core types and materials, along with the current print job and print queue status. 

Tip: If you have an Ultimaker S5, the printer overview will also display the status of any peripherals connected, such as the Air Manager or Material Station. Click on the Material Station to see an overview of currently loaded materials.


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