How to start your first print in Ultimaker Cura

Note: Ensure to have Ultimaker Cura installed correctly before starting this guide.

Open 3D files

The easiest way to open 3D models is by the ‘open file’ button. The button is in the top left corner and is the first button in the stage menu. Select the model you want to prepare for printing and open it. The model will now be loaded and shown on the 3D viewer.


Configure your setup

The second button in the stage menu contains the printer selection panel. Network enabled printers will indicate a valid connection with a checkmark icon. Select the printer you would like to use.

The third button in the stage menu contains the configuration panel. Once opened, the panel displays your current print core/nozzle and material setup. Networked printers will display available configurations in your printer group. Non-network enabled printers need to be configured manually.


Print settings

The rightmost button in the stage menu contains the print settings panel, which includes all settings that define the printing strategy. By default, it opens in the recommended mode. This mode is ideal if you want to do a quick print with optimized printing profiles. There are a few parameters you can set:

  1. Print settings panel. This panel shows the current printing strategy at a glance, click it to view the entire panel
  2. Print profiles. The available profiles for the current configuration are visible. Some Ultimaker 3D printers offer intent-based profiles, fine-tuned to meet specific needs
  3. Infill. The infill slider can be used to easily set the overall model strength
  4. Support. Enable or disable automatically generated support structures, with either of the available extruders, to get reliable and successful prints when necessary
  5. Adhesion. Enable or disable additional adhesive printed parts, the type of adhesion is automatically set by the print profile
  6. Custom mode. This will open the custom mode to manually finetune printing profiles


Slice and preview

Now that the printer type, configuration and print settings are in place, it’s time to slice the model, with the button in the bottom right corner. When the process completes, it will immediately show a ‘preview button’, click it to go to the preview stage.

This view is ideal for seeing what the inside of your print will look like and how it will be printed. Use the layer slider and simulation view to check important parts of your 3D slice.


Print the file

Evaluate and improve the printing strategy until you are satisfied. You can then print via cloud using Ultimaker Digital Factory, save to removable disk or save the files to the Digital Library.

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