How to install the front enclosure for the Ultimaker 3

The front enclosure is one of the most effective methods of creating a stable printing environment inside your Ultimaker 3 printer. It will keep the warmth from the heated build plate inside the printer, resulting in a constant temperature of 45 °C.

To install the front enclosure, follow these steps:

  1. Hold the front enclosure in front of the Ultimaker 3 with the curved side facing down
  2. Slide the bottom lip behind the front panel
  3. Place the front enclosure flat against the Ultimaker 3, then gently push the top part down and towards the front panel, so it snaps into place

How_to_install_front_enclosure_for_Ultimaker3_Holding-front-enclosure.jpg How_to_install_front_enclosure_for_Ultimaker3_Placing-front-enclosure.jpg

To remove the front enclosure after printing, simply push on the top part and pull the front enclosure towards you.

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