The CC print core maintenance

To ensure the CC 0.6, 0.4 and CC red 0.6 print cores are kept in optimal condition it is important to maintain it correctly. Compared to the standard maintenance schedule for the Ultimaker S5, maintenance of the CC print cores is slightly different. On this page you can find detailed information on the frequency and type of maintenance that should be performed, based on 1,500 printing hours per year.

Clean the print core

Maintenance of the inside of the CC print cores should be performed once every month, or if the nozzle is clogged. When using the CC 0.4 print core in combination with a composite material with relatively large fibers, it is recommended to clean the print core after every print to avoid under-extrusion or clogged nozzles. Using the Ultimaker cleaning filament is the most effective way to clean and unclog the CC print cores on the Ultimaker S-line. The print core can be cleaned by following the print core cleaning procedure from the menu on the Ultimaker S-line. Detailed instructions for this can be found in the Ultimaker S5 manual.

Caution: Do not use a needle to unclog the CC red print core. If the point of needle touches the ruby, this can irreparably damage it.

The_print_core_CC_Red_0.6_maintenance_Inserting_filament_into_print_head.jpg The_print_core_CC_Red_0.6_maintenance_Pulling_out_filament.jpg

Clean the nozzle

While using the CC print cores, material can sometimes get stuck to the outside of the nozzle and degrade. Although this will not damage your printer, it is recommended to keep the nozzle clean in order to achieve the best print results. Due to the fact that composite materials tend to stick to the nozzle more easily, this should be done more frequently than with the AA and BB print core.

Before starting a new print, always clean the nozzle. The material can be removed from the outside of the nozzle by taking the following steps:

  1. On the Ultimaker S5, navigate to the configuration menu, select the print core, then click on the icon in the top-right corner and select Set temperature
  2. Use the controls to set the target temperature to 150 °C
  3. Wait for the material on the outside to get soft. When the nozzles are hot, carefully remove the material with steel or brass wool, or a cloth

Note: Do not use Scotch-Brite pads to clean the nozzle. This can cause slight wear on the outer part of the bottom of the nozzle.

Caution: During this procedure do not touch the nozzle and be careful while cleaning it as it will become hot.

Caution: Do not use tweezers or anything sharp to clean the nozzle. This can damage the ruby insert.

Check the quality of the nozzle cover

As described in the Ultimaker S5 manual, regular checking of the nozzle cover is important as the heat of the nozzles may cause wear on the nozzle cover over time. It is recommended to check the quality of the cover at least once every month when you use the CC print cores.

Examine the bottom of the print head to see if the holes where the nozzles come through are still round and the cover still forms a good seal. Also gently open the fan bracket to check the other side of the nozzle cover.

If the nozzle cover looks like it needs to be replaced, please follow the instructions from the Ultimaker S5 manual. The CC print cores comes with four spare nozzle covers.

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