How to rotate models in Ultimaker Cura

You can rotate your model in any way you like using the rotate tool, which allows the model to be rotated along its X, Y, and Z axes:

  1. Select the model you would like to rotate to open the model toolbar on the left side of the screen
  2. Select the third tool to rotate the model

The rotate tool is particularly useful to reduce the amount of support structure needed, change the layer bonding direction of the print or to increase the model's footprint for better build plate adhesion.

Tip: To quickly open the rotate tool, select the model and press 'R'.

Rotate tool overview

  1. Rotate tool. Rotate about the origin of selected models. This is different from individual rotating behavior
  2. Reset. Reset all rotations of the selected models
  3. Lay flat. This will lay the model flat on the closest flat surface of the model
  4. Align to model face. Select this button to make the model active. Click on any face of your 3D model to automatically align this face to the build plate
  5. Rotate hoops. Drag these hoops to rotate the model on the selected axis
  6. Degree indicator. Indicates the current rotation
  7. Snap rotation. Snaps the rotation intervals to 15°

Tip: Hold 'Shift' while rotating the model to temporarily disable the snap rotation and precisely rotate the model.


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