How to open an Ultimaker Cura project file

Open a project file by going to 'File > Open File(s)...' to locate the file on your computer or 'File > Open Recent' and select a recent project from the list.


Tip: Use the shortcut keys 'CTRL/CMD + O' to quickly open a project file.

Open project or import models

When opening a project file, Ultimaker Cura presents the option to load the complete project file or just the 3D models within the file. When loading the 3D models only, the print settings and adjustments will be ignored. Click 'Open as project' to load the project file completely.


Update or create new settings

When opening a project file which contains equally named settings, Ultimaker Cura cannot distinguish which information is most recent. Therefore, when loading a project you might get the option whether to ‘update the existing setting’ or ‘create a new’ one to keep your local settings saved as well.

  1. Update existing. This will select the appointed printer and change it’s print core and material configuration to the settings displayed in the project summary
  2. Create new. This will add a new printer to Ultimaker Cura, with the configuration as displayed in the project summary


Note: This information is also displayed to review when saving project files.

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