Assembling the Ultimaker Original+

The Ultimaker Original+ is a DIY kit. This product is delivered in several packs that contain all the items you need to assemble your 3D printer. Once you have received your Ultimaker Original+ kit, it is time to start building.


Before you start, check if all of the items in the kit are present in the right quantities. You can find the total list of included part on pages 6 - 12 of the assembly manual.

You will need some tools during the assembly process, some of which are included:

Included Not included
Hex key 2 mm Flat-sided screwdriver
Hex key 2.5 mm Phillips screwdriver (PH1)
Blue tape Socket wrench or pliers
Spare piece of wood (recommended) (Soft-faced) hammer (recommended)

Assembly manual

Assembling the Ultimaker Original+ can take about 8 - 16 hours. We have a complete step-by-step assembly manual available so you can build your Ultimaker Original+ according to the instructions. Download the PDF below.

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