On what operating systems is Ultimaker Cura available?

Ultimaker Cura is supported on operating systems actively maintained by their software manufacturer or community. This currently means 'Windows 7' and 'MacOS 10.14' are no longer supported. For an up-to-date list of operating system versions, please see the Windows support listMacOS support list and Linux (Ubuntu example).

Compatible operating systems

  • Windows 10 or higher, 64-bit

Note: Windows 11 is not yet fully supported.

Note: Ultimaker Cura 4.10 for older operating systems, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.11 can be downloaded directly from Github here. However, this version is not actively supported.

Caution: Ultimaker Cura is 64-bit and therefore not available for the older 32-bit variant systems.

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