Loading filament for the Ultimaker 2

Placing the spool with filament

After bed leveling it’s time to further prepare the Ultimaker 2 for the first print by loading filament.

Before loading the filament, the spool with filament has to be placed on the spool holder. Make sure to put it with the filament in counter-clockwise direction, so that the filament can enter the feeder from the bottom. It’s also recommended to straighten the filament a bit so it can easily enter the feeder. Next, wait a minute while the print head is heating up. By heating it up we ensure that the filament is being melted when it goes through the nozzle.

Caution: Make sure to not touch the nozzle/hot end during this procedure as it will become hot.

Inserting the filament

Take the end of the filament, insert it into the bottom of the feeder and push it until the filament is being grabbed by the knurled wheel. This may require some force. Once the knurled wheel has grabbed the filament, it will slowly move it further into the Bowden tube. Wait until the filament appears in the Bowden tube and then press the button to continue. The Ultimaker 2 will automatically load the filament through the Bowden tube, into the print head.

Now you just have to wait until the filament is coming out of the nozzle. You may notice a ticking sound at the feeder; this is nothing to worry about. If necessary you can manually push the filament in order to get it through the nozzle with a bit more force.

Note: Don’t be surprised if the filament that initially comes out of the nozzle is not the color you expect. There is probably some residue from the factory test print left in the nozzle. Wait until you see the color of the filament that you loaded coming out of the nozzle.


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