Error messages for the Ultimaker 2 Go

There are a few error messages that could show up while using your Ultimaker 2 Go. If you ever happen to get one of these errors, you can easily follow the instructions below to troubleshoot the issue.

Make sure to always turn the Ultimaker 2 Go off and disconnect the power supply before troubleshooting these errors.

Error - Stopped Temp Sensor

This refers to a problem with the PT100 B sensor, which is the sensor that measures the temperature of the nozzle. It means that the sensor registers incorrect values and due to safety reasons it will prevent the nozzle from heating up. The most likely reason for this is connection problem, which could either happen due to a bad connection at the main board or damage of the sensor itself.

To check if there is a bad connection on the main board you will have to take a look at the bottom of the Ultimaker 2 Go. This sounds more difficult than it is:

  • Place the Ultimaker 2 Go on its side so you can reach the bottom side
  • You will find a big metal cover. Loosen the two screws with which it is attached to the bottom of the Ultimaker 2 Go and remove the cover
  • Now you will see the main board. Look for the sensor cable (the white cable with three thin red and white/grey wires at the end), which is connected to 'TEMP1'
  • Make sure the cable is connected and check if none of the thin wires has come loose

Still not working? This probably means that the sensor itself is damaged. To verify this you could measure the resistance with a multimeter. It usually should be approximately 108 Ohm at room temperature, but when it is broken the result will either be (close to) 0 or infinite. This means that a new sensor needs to be placed on your Ultimaker 2 Go.

For more help, you can take a look at our instructions for replacing the PT100 B sensor or get in touch with your local support department.

Error - Heater error

The heater error can appear when the sensor doesn’t register a steady (increase in) temperature. This could mean that the heater cartridge is not connected properly and to prevent overheating of the nozzle it will therefore turn the heater cartridge off.  There are however also a few other things that could relate to this issue. It is recommended to do the following checks:

  • Make sure that the latest firmware version is installed on your Ultimaker 2 Go
  • Take a look at the back side of the hot end to ensure that the heater cartridge and PT100 B sensor are fully inserted in the heater block
  • Check if the nozzle is not touching the fan bracket; otherwise heat will be spread over the fan bracket as well
  • When printing a model with a big flat surface it could happen that the airflow bounces off the model against the nozzle, thus cooling it down. In this case a solution could be to decrease the fan speed

If you're still experiencing problems, please get in touch with our support team for assistance.

X or Y switch broken

This error occurs when either the X or Y limit switch is not activated while the print head is homing. There are a few possible reasons for this, therefore it is advised to check the points described below:

  • Check if the levers of both limit switches are physically pressed by moving the print head manually to the left back corner. If one of them is not activated, you could slightly bend the lever to ensure it is being pressed
  • If the print head is not reaching the left back corner at all it probably means that there is a loose pulley. In this case, make sure that all pulleys (on the axes and X and Y motor) are tight

Z-Switch broken or Z-switch stuck

If you get one of these errors it means that there is a problem with the Z limit switch. It either tells you that the Z limit switch can't be pressed or that something is preventing the lever of the switch from switching back. Both errors require the same checks and solution:

  • Check if nothing is blocking or pressing the Z limit switch. There might be something lying underneath the platform (preventing the platform from moving down completely) or there could be something stuck inside the hole in which the Z limit switch is located
  • You can slightly bend the lever of the Z limit switch to ensure it is properly pressed and switches back without any problem
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