Error messages for the Ultimaker 2 Go

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This product has been discontinued and the end of service has passed. The information on this page remains available, but is no longer supported.

If a problem is detected on your Ultimaker 2 Go, the printer will display an error message. In these cases, the print progress is stopped and the heater turns off for safety reasons. Follow the tips on this page to resolve the error message and continue printing.

Warning: Always turn off the Ultimaker 2 Go and disconnect the power cable before troubleshooting these errors unless specified otherwise.

This page highlights some of the most common Ultimaker 2 Go error messages and some tips to resolve them. For a complete overview of all errors that can occur on the Ultimaker 2(+) series, visit the error messages section.

Error - Stopped temp sensor

This error message refers to a problem with the sensor that measures the nozzle temperature. The (PT100) sensor measures incorrect values and, due to safety reasons, the printer will prevent the nozzle from heating up.

The most likely cause for these errors is a connection problem. This can be a loose connector or damage to one of the components.

Check the print head

Take a look at the back of the print head. The PT100 is the thinner of the two wires that come out of the back of the heater block. 

Check if the sensor is fully inserted into the heater block and if there are no signs of damage to the wire.

Check the mainboard The sensor may not be connected correctly to the mainboard anymore. To check this, place the printer on its side and remove the mainboard cover. Look for 'TEMP1' on the mainboard and make sure the sensor (with the white and red wires) is securely connected. Reconnect if necessary.
Check the wires Make sure that the thin red and white wires are all still securely inserted into the connector. If one of the wires is loose, the PT100 should be replaced.

Tip: You can also measure the resistance of the PT100 sensor. At room temperature, this should be around 108Ω. If the sensor is damaged, this could show 0 or infinite instead.


This is the connector of the Ultimaker 2 series PT100 sensor. This side is connected to the mainboard.


The wires of this connector can be quite fragile, so ensure that they are all still inserted into the connector.

Error - Heater error

The heater error can appear when the sensor doesn’t register a steady (increase in) temperature. To prevent overheating of the nozzle, the printer will turn off heating.

There are a few things that could cause this error message:

Check the print head

Take a look at the back of the print head. Ensure that both the heater and the sensor are still secure in the heater block. If one of the wires (or both) is loose, the temperature cannot be accurately measured.

Check the nozzle The fan bracket contains a hole for the nozzle at the bottom. If the nozzle touches the side of this hole, the heat will spread throughout the fan bracket. This makes it hard for the printer to maintain the correct temperature. Loosen the screws at the sides of the fan bracket, adjust its position so that the nozzle is in the center of the hole, and retighten the screws.
Check the fan settings

When printing a model with a big flat surface, the airflow from the side fans could bounce off the model against the print head. This cools down the nozzle. In this case, it can help to decrease the fan speed.

X or Y switch broken

The X and Y limit switches set the home position for the print head. If the limit switches are not activated when expected, this error message appears. This can indicate a problem with the switch itself, or with the movement of the print head. There can be several causes for this error.

Loose pulley

If the print head does not reach the corner when moving towards the home position, one of the pulleys may be loose. The pulleys should be secured to the X and Y axles, as well as to both the X and Y motors.

Print head shaft position The Y limit switch is activated by the X print head shaft. If this shaft is placed too far to the right, it will miss the limit switch. Take the print head shaft out of the left and right sliding blocks and reposition it. The left end of the shaft should be approximately 1 mm from the inside of the left panel.
Check the switches

You can check the mechanical part of the limit switches by pressing them manually. You should hear a clear clicking sound. If this is not the case, the switch may be broken.

Additionally, you could remove the bottom cover from the printer to check the connections to the mainboard. Locate the blue and red wires. The blue wire should be connected to 'X-STOP' and the red wire should be connected to 'Y-STOP'. Reconnect the wires if necessary.

Motor movement

In rare cases, there may be a problem with the motor movement. If the print head does not move at all, or only in one direction when Home head is selected via the Maintenance menu, the motor or the mainboard could be defective. To troubleshoot this, you can change the connectors of the motors on the mainboard. If the same motor is still unresponsive, the motor is defective, otherwise it is caused by the mainboard.

Tip: For additional information about this error message, visit the ER07 page for the complete Ultimaker 2 family. 

Z switch broken or stuck

The Z switch sets the home position for the build plate. This switch is located at the bottom of the printer. If a Z switch error appears, either the switch is defective or something is preventing it from being activated.

Check for obstructions

It is possible that something is preventing the switch from being pressed. Ensure that there are no objects under the build plate, or small pieces of filament around the Z switch.

Check the Z switch

Manually lift the build plate and press the Z switch. You should hear a clicking sound. If it does not click properly, the switch mechanism could be defective.

Additionally, you could remove the bottom cover from the printer to check the connection to the mainboard. Locate the short black wire, which should be connected to 'Z-STOP'. Reconnect the wires if necessary.

Tip: For additional information about this error message, visit the ER05 (Z switch broken) and ER06 (Z switch stuck) pages for the complete Ultimaker 2 family.

Note: Because the Ultimaker 2 Go is a discontinued product, the availability of spare parts is not guaranteed.

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