Lubricating the Ultimaker 2 Go axles

To maintain your Ultimaker 2 Go correctly and keep it running smoothly it is recommended to lubricate the axles once in a while.

X/Y axles

When you notice small ridges on the surfaces of your 3D printed objects or feel that the X and Y axles are dry it is advised to put a single drop of sewing machine oil onto the X and Y axles. This will help your Ultimaker 2 Go running smoothly. Sewing machine oil is not included in the Ultimaker 2 Go package, but we highly recommend to only use this for lubricating the X and Y axles.

Caution: Don't use WD40 as this will affect the coating that is on the axles. We advise to only use sewing machine oil for oiling the axles.

Z trapezoidal leadscrew

Once every half year the Z trapezoidal leadscrew has to be lubricated with Magnalube. This is the green grease that was delivered with your Ultimaker 2 Go. Make sure to spread 10 drops of grease over the entire threaded rod. With your next print the Ultimaker 2 Go will lubricate the axis itself by moving up and down.

Note: Magnalube should be applied to the Z trapezoidal leadscrew only; make sure to not put it on any of the other axes.

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