ER08 - Error while reading SD card

This error message indicates that the Ultimaker 2+ can't read the SD card. This can often easily be resolved:

Insert SD card The SD card may not be fully inserted into the slot at the front of the printer. Try removing and reinserting the card.
SD card type The Ultimaker 2+ supports SD and SDHC cards, but not SDXC. Note that the maximum card size is 32GB.
Safely eject When saving gcode files to the SD card, always make sure to safely eject it from your computer to prevent corrupting the files.
Reformat Try emptying and reformatting the SD card before trying to insert it into the printer again.
Replace SD card If all of the above did not help, there could be a problem with the SD card itself. Use a different card instead.


If the SD card itself is not the cause of the issue, there could be a problem with the UltiController electronics. Checking this requires access to the bottom of the printer.

Note: Handling the electronics requires ESD precautions. Always take ESD precautions when exposing the electronics at the bottom of the printer. Handling the electronics in an unsafe way can cause damage to the machine.

Caution: Before you proceed, turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable.

UM2-Move-Z-stage.jpg UM2-UltiController-cover1.jpg UM2-UltiController-cover2.jpg
1. Lift up the Z stage 2. Remove cover bolts 3. Remove cover

Manually lift up the Z stage, then gently place the printer on its side.

Loosen the two bolts of the UltiController cover using the 2 mm hex key or screwdriver, while holding the lock nuts with pliers or a (socket) wrench.


Remove the cover from the UltiController and place it aside.

With the UltiController electronics exposed, check the two gray flatwire cables. These are connected right behind the controller button, to the connectors marked 'EXP1' and 'EXP2'. Check if both are connected securely and reconnect them if necessary. Also, inspect them for signs of damage.


Tip: This image is for illustration purposes only. The electronics do not need to be removed from the printer to check and reconnect the flatwire cables.

Need further support?

If you require further assistance with troubleshooting, or when you need replacement parts to resolve the issue, contact support or your local reseller.

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