ER02 - Stopped temp sensor BED

This error message refers to a problem with the sensor that measures the bed temperature. The sensor measures incorrect values and, due to safety reasons, the printer will prevent the bed from heating up.

The most likely cause for this error is a connection problem. This can be a loose connector or damage to the bed or cable.

Caution: When troubleshooting this error, turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable.

Check the bed wires

First, take a look at the back of the build plate. There are four wires connected to the heated bed, the two thinner ones are for the sensor. Gently pull each individual wire to check if it is still securely in place.

If one of them is loose, you can try to reinsert it (depending on the heated bed version). If this does not work easily, the heated bed must be removed from the printer in order to access the connectors.

UM2-Thumb-wheel.jpg UM2-Build-plate-spring.jpg UM2-Lift-heated-bed.jpg
1. Remove thumb wheels 2. Remove springs 3. Flip the bed
Loosen and remove all three thumb wheels from underneath the base plate. Gently lift up the heated bed and remove the three springs and the front two build plate clamps. Gently lift up the heated bed and flip it around, with the black side facing upward, so you can inspect the connections.

Note: There are different versions of the heated bed. Older versions of the heated bed have a screw terminal instead, while newer versions have push connectors.

UM2-Wire-connections-terminal.jpg UM2-Wire-connections-push.jpg
Older version - Screw terminal Newer version - Push connectors

Use a flat-sided screwdriver to loosen the small screws in the terminal. Push the wire all the way in and firmly tighten the screws.


If one of the wires has come out, firmly push it back into the connector. If necessary, you can push the metal tabs closer together for a firmer grip.


Also check carefully for any signs of damage to the heated bed or the heated bed cable. If any damage is observed, replace the components. Contact support or your local reseller for further assistance.

Check the mainboard

If the problem is not caused by damage or a connection problem on the heated bed side, check if the heated bed cable is connected correctly to the mainboard.

UM2-Move-Z-stage.jpg UM2-Remove-mainboard-cover.jpg UM2-Mainboard-cover.jpg
1. Lift up the Z stage 2. Remove cover bolts 3. Remove mainboard cover

Manually lift up the Z stage, then gently place the printer on its side.

Loosen the two bolts of the bottom cover using the 2 mm hex key or screwdriver, while holding the lock nuts with pliers or a (socket) wrench.


Remove the bottom cover from the mainboard and place it aside.

With the mainboard now exposed, look for the connector marked 'TEMP3'. The temperature sensor of the build plate must be connected here. Reconnect the cable if necessary.

Tip: This is difficult, but possible without removing the mainboard. If you are in doubt whether the cable is connected correctly, you can loosen the mainboard from the bottom panel.


Swap the connections

If the error is not caused by a loose connection, swap the sensors of the print head and build plate to determine the root cause of the problem.

Note: Turn off the printer before proceeding.

  1. Disconnect the sensors from TEMP1 and TEMP3 on the mainboard.
  2. Connect the heated bed sensor to TEMP1.
  3. Connect the print head sensor to TEMP3.
  4. Turn on the printer again.


If the error appears straight away, check the table below. If this is not the case, first heat up the build plate and nozzle via the Maintenance - Advanced menu. Which error appears on the display now will indicate the cause of the problem:

Error stopped temp sensor bed (ER02) If the same error (ER02) appears when the connections are swapped, the issue is in the mainboard. If the connector is broken or if there is internal damage on the mainboard, the mainboard must be replaced.
Error stopped temp sensor (ER01) If a different error (ER01) appears when the connections are swapped, the problem has moved along with the sensor. This indicates that either the sensor in the bed or the cable is broken. Check both again for signs of damage and replace the damaged component.

Need further support?

If you require further assistance with troubleshooting, or when you need replacement parts to resolve the issue, contact support or your local reseller.

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