ER63 - Unknown error

The Material Station has encountered an unexpected error. The ER63 appears if the cause of the problem cannot be determined by the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle.

Check for broken material

In some cases, the ER63 can appear if there is broken material inside the Material Station. This could interrupt the loading and/or unloading processes. 

If ER63 appears, especially when this occurs during a material handling process, first check the Pro Bundle for broken pieces of material in the extrusion system. To do so, follow the instructions on this page.

Tip: If it is unclear which bay and extruder are affected, it is recommended to check all paths. Follow the additional instructions below.

  1. Unload all material spools from the Material Station
  2. Disconnect both Bowden tubes from the bottom of the feeders
  3. Feed some material through port 1 of bay A, until it comes out of the Bowden tube at the back
  4. Cut off the filament before the entry port and pull the material out of the Bowden tube at the back
  5. Now feed this piece of material through port 2 of bay A and pull it out of the back.
  6. Repeat this for all bays and ports to ensure that all paths are clear

Tip: If you feel a blockage somewhere, gently push through to clear it. If there is too much resistance, try pushing from a different bay (but the same port).

After performing these steps, reconnect the Bowden tubes to the feeders at the back and secure each with the clamp clip. Power on the Pro Bundle, reload the material spool(s), and start a print to check if the Pro Bundle is functional again.

Submit log files

If there is no material stuck in the extrusion system and the ER63 error continues to appear, please save your log files. Contact our support team by submitting a ticket and include your log files for analysis.

As ER63 is an unknown error, please include detailed information to facilitate troubleshooting:

  • During which process(es) does the error appear?
  • Is the error reproducible (for example, when printing from a certain bay / port)?
  • Have you tried clearing all extrusion paths as described above, and what were the results?
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