ER54 - Filament loading unsuccessful

Note: This error message is no longer active. It was replaced by the material failed to load wizard in firmware 7.0. This updated process improves the troubleshooting experience. If you see ER54 on your Pro Bundle, please update the firmware to the most recent version.

ER54 is a material loading error on the Pro Bundle. The Material Station was unable to load the material towards the Ultimaker S5 completely; the material did not reach the Ultimaker S5 feeder.

This could be due to:

  • Excessive friction in the system connecting to the Ultimaker S5 Feeder
  • The tip of the filament is not straight and pointy
  • Low traction in the prefeeder

To resolve this error, please do the following:

  1. Note the bay number and extruder number indicated by the display
  2. Power down the Ultimaker S5
  3. Detach the power cable from the Material Station
  4. Detach the Bowden tubes from the extruder where the problem is occurring
  5. Make a double cut to ensure the filament tip is straight and pointy
  6. Gently push and pull the filament at the entry point by hand
  7. While pushing and pulling, observe the back of the machine to verify material movement

Tip: Moving filament by hand should be possible and not require excessive force.

  1. Continue pushing until the filament sticks out a few centimeters out of the Bowden tube at the back
  2. Cut the currently loaded filament roll at the entry point of the material station
  3. Grab the end of the filament sticking out of the Bowden tube at the back and gently pull the remaining filament completely out of the system
  4. Reattach the Bowden tubes to the feeder
  5. Power up the Material Station, then the Ultimaker S5 and continue operation

If there is low traction in the prefeeder, it could indicate a faulty prefeeder. 

If you require further support, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

Please ensure to include the error number (ERXX) and your printer's log files.


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