ER31 - Print core heater error

A heater error on one of the print cores can occur when the print core fails to heat up. The printer is trying to heat up the print core, but the print core does not report an increase in temperature. The display will show which print core is affected. This refers to a problem with the thermal connection between the print core’s temperature sensor and heater.

  1. Check if the issue persists after replacing the print core. If the printer displays a heater error in the same slot again, but with a different print core inserted, there may be a different problem.
  2. Check if the silicon nozzle cover is in good shape following these instructions. Otherwise it should be replaced.
  3. Check if the print head PCB is in good shape (not bent) and clean. Otherwise clean the PCB with a cotton swab with 70% IPA.
  4. Check if the print head cable is loosened, reinsert if necessary.

If the problem still persists, please contact support by raising a support request above. To best resolve the issue, please share as much detail as possible, including which circumstances led to the error, what material you are using, and if possible, share the print project file.

Note: Filaments that contain a lot of moisture could show difficulties for the heater to reach the required temperatures. Therefore it is important to dry your material before printing.

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