Automatic filament switching

When there are two materials of the same type loaded into the Material Station, the Ultimaker S5 will always consider the first loaded material spool as the oldest spool. Therefore, the Ultimaker S5 will use the first loaded material spool for printing.

When an end of filament situation is detected, the Material Station will retract the almost empty filament into the Material Station chamber. If the Ultimaker S5 detects another material of the same type within the Material Station, this will then be loaded and printing will resume automatically. Alternatively, the printer simply pauses if no similar filament is found within the system. A manual user configuration change is then required.

Note: The Ultimaker Material Station will retract up to 2.5 meters of filament back into the system at an end of spool detection, which is normal. In some situations, the filament may come loose from its spool and end up in the Material Station interior. Please remove the material when this is observed.

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