Printing with third-party Material Alliance materials

When using third-party Material Alliance materials it is important that Ultimaker Cura has updated material profiles. These updated material profiles contain crucial new parameters for correct usage of the material with the Material Station. If the manufacturer has not updated the material profiles, they will be displayed as a greyed-out material in the material list of the Ultimaker S5.

Ultimaker Material Alliance partners are actively working towards updating their material profiles so as to be compatible with the Material Station as well as Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. When a user downloads the latest material profile from the Ultimaker Marketplace the user can synchronize the profile over the network.

Compatibility information can be found on the Ultimaker Marketplace. More information about the Material Alliance Program can be read on this page.

Caution: The updated material profiles contain the prime and deprime parameters. Using materials in the Material Station without these settings can lead to issues during loading or unloading the filament, such as ER61.

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