Lubricate the S-line feeder gear

To ensure that the feeders forward the filament smoothly and accurately, the gears are lubricated. After many hours of printing, it is recommended to reapply this lubrication. Based on 1,500 printing hours per year, we recommend to lubricate the feeder gear every year. As small filament particles may have stuck to the gears, it is advised to clean them first.

Tip: It is also recommended to replace the Bowden tubes after one year. While lubricating the feeder gears, follow the instructions to replace the Bowden tubes simultaneously.

The following steps need to be performed for both feeder 1 and feeder 2: 

  1. Start by removing the material. Go to the configuration menu, select the material you want to remove and then Unload. After this, turn off the printer and remove the power cable
  2. Remove the clamp clip from the feeder-end of the Bowden tube, press down on the tube coupling collet and pull the Bowden tube upwards out of the feeder
  3. Use the hex screwdriver to loosen the two bolts that hold the feeder to the back panel
  4. Carefully move the feeder away from the back panel and disconnect the filament detection cable from the flow sensor
  5. Use a clean cloth or a cotton swab to wipe all filament particles and grease residue from the feeder gears. Clean both the gear connected to the motor and the larger gear inside the feeder
  6. Apply a small amount of grease (approximately three droplets) to the gear attached to the feeder motor. There is no need to spread this out; the feeder will do this automatically when it turns
  7. Hold the feeder close to the back panel and connect the filament detection cable to the flow sensor
  8. Place the feeder back on the printer and secure it with the two bolts
  9. Insert the Bowden tube into the feeder by pressing down on the tube coupling collet in the feeder and pushing the Bowden tube all the way in. Secure the tube with the clamp clip

lubricate_feeder_gear_open_feeder.jpg lubricate_feeder_disconnect_filament_detection_cable.jpg


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