ER66 - Decouplers not calibrated

This error can occur if the decouplers in the Material Station are not calibrated. They have either been de-calibrated during transport, or calibration hasn't been performed yet. A decoupler calibration procedure must be performed.

Tip: You can also find step-by-step instructions on how to calibrate the decouplers in the PDF document below.


When calibrating the decouplers, the Pro Bundle does not need to be uninstalled or disconnected. However, it is recommended to turn off the Ultimaker S5 with the switch before you start the calibration. 

Note: If you leave the Ultimaker S5 switched on, it will start rebooting when you reconnect the Material Station power cable. If you do not complete the calibration before the printer is fully booted up, the calibration process will be aborted.

Tip: Make sure you have access to both the front and the back of the Material Station. The calibration is performed on the decoupler at the back, and each step is confirmed by pressing an eject button at the front. You can also perform this calibration with two people.

Entering calibration mode

The decouplers must be calibrated one by one. Push and hold the two left eject buttons (for bays A and B) to start the calibration of decoupler 1. Push and hold the two right eject buttons (for bays E and F) to start the calibration of decoupler 2.

Remove the power cable from the Material Station and wait 5 seconds before reconnecting it. Wait until you hear the Material Station power on and release the eject buttons. The frame lights will now flash once. This indicates that the Material Station has entered the decoupler calibration mode.


The sliders in each decoupler have four positions that must be calibrated. Manually put the slider in the correct position, and confirm each step by pressing one of the eject buttons.



Position 1 - Tension down
Push the slider of the decoupler all the way down, into the spring. You will feel some resistance. Press one of the eject buttons; the Material Station will flash two times.

Position 2 - Free down
Hold the slider in the down position, but without compressing the spring (relaxed). Press one of the eject buttons; the Material Station will flash three times.

Decoupler-position3.jpg Decoupler-position4.jpg

Position 3 - Free up
Pull the slider up, until you feel some resistance. Make sure the slider is relaxed; do not compress the spring. Press one of the eject buttons; the Material Station will flash four times.


Position 4 - Tension up
Pull the slider up as far as possible. You will feel some resistance. Press one of the eject buttons to confirm.

If the calibration was successful, the Material Frame lights will stay on.

Note: If the Material Station goes back to flashing just once during this procedure, the input was invalid. The procedure will start over from step 1. Make sure you hold the slider in the correct position for each step until you have pressed the eject button to confirm.

Need further support?

If you have performed the calibration procedure successfully, but the ER66 error still persists, there could be a hardware problem. Possibly affected parts can be the decoupler assemblies, the decoupler cables, or the UMB cable (which connects the Material Station and the Ultimaker S5).

Also, if you have tried the calibration procedure multiple times and the Material Station continues to flash once after completing step 4, one of the decouplers may not be connected securely or is defective. Please submit a ticket to contact support to receive further assistance.

If you require further support, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

Please ensure to include the error number (ERXX) and your printer's log files.



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