ER52 - Decoupler obstructed

The Material Station has encountered an obstruction in the decoupler while loading the filament to the Ultimaker S5.

This could be due to:

  • The tip of the filament is not straight and pointy
  • The decoupler is obstructed or blocked

Tip: The filament path of the Material Station could also be obstructed with filament. For step-by-step instructions (including photos) on how to remove the broken PVA from the system, read the troubleshooting guide on this page.

 To resolve this error, please do the following:

Power down the Ultimaker S5

  1. Detach the power cable from the Material Station
  2. Gently pull back the filament towards the entry bay, until it is completely unloaded
  3. Cut off the tip of the filament using pliers
  4. Power up the Material Station, then the Ultimaker S5 and continue operation

If the problem still persists, please contact support by raising a support request above.

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