Update the Ultimaker 3 firmware

Periodically, a new version of the Ultimaker firmware is released. To ensure that your Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended is equipped with the latest features, we recommend keeping the firmware updated.

Note: The Ultimaker 3 is in 'maintenance' mode, meaning there is no active development of new features. Firmware releases are less frequent and are limited to stability upgrades, including bug fixes and patches to ensure compatibility with the complete Ultimaker Platform and product line.

Tip: For the latest release notes, click here.

Update your Ultimaker 3 via the network

If your Ultimaker 3 has an active network connection, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the printer can download the latest firmware version over the network. You will be automatically prompted when a new version becomes available. Alternatively, Go to SYSTEM - Maintenance - Update firmware to install the new firmware.

Update your Ultimaker 3 via USB


Download 5.3.0


Release date: October 3, 2021

Tip: The Ultimaker 3 and the Ultimaker 3 Extended use the same firmware file. You can download the above file and use it for both printer types.

  • Download the firmware file (.swu) above.
  • Place the file in the root directory of a USB stick
  • Insert the USB stick into the USB port at the front of your printer
  • Go to SYSTEM - Maintenance - Update firmware, and select the new firmware in the update menu

Updating from older firmware (4.3.3 and older)

If your Ultimaker 3 is still running much older firmware (4.3.3 and earlier), and you want to install the latest version, you must first install a stepping stone build (firmware 4.3.97). This is because the firmware has changed to a different file format. Follow the instructions below:

  • Download the 2 files for firmware 4.3.97:
    File 1 (.tar.xz) and File 2 (.tar.xz.sig)
  • Place both files in the root directory of a USB stick
  • Insert the USB stick into the USB port at the front of your printer
  • Go to SYSTEM - Maintenance - Update firmware and select 4.3.97 in the update menu
  • Wait for the Ultimaker 3 to finish updating the firmware and reboot

The intermediate stepping stone firmware is now installed. You may now upgrade to the latest version via the network or via USB as described above.

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