Update the Ultimaker 3 firmware

Periodically, a new version of the Ultimaker 3 firmware is released. To ensure that your Ultimaker 3 has the latest features, we recommend keeping the firmware updated. This can be performed on the Ultimaker S5 when connected to a network or via USB.

Tip: For the latest release notes, click here.

Update your Ultimaker 3 via USB

You can download the latest firmware here (version 5.2.11).

  • Place the file on the USB stick in the root directory
  • Insert the USB stick in the USB port of your printer
  • Go to SYSTEM > Maintenance > Update firmware, and select the new firmware in the update menu

Updating from older firmware (4.3.3 and older)

When updating from an older firmware, the upgrade procedure must go via a stepping stone build, firmware 4.3.97:

  • Download firmware 4.3.97 file 1 and file 2 (.tar.xz and .tar.xz.sig)
  • Place both files on the USB stick in the root directory.
  • Insert the USB stick into your printer's USB port.
  • Go to SYSTEM > Maintenance > Update firmware and select 4.3.97 in the update menu.
  • Wait for the Ultimaker 3 to finish updating the firmware.

The intermediate firmware is then installed and you may upgrade to latest stable.

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