ER32 - Z axis stuck or limit switch broken

This error refers to a problem with the Z limit switch, which is located at the bottom of the lead screw of the Z axis. The limit switch is used for homing the build plate and ensures the build plate won’t move down any further when it has reached the bottom of the Z axis.

When this error occurs, it means that the Z limit switch is not functioning properly. This can either be caused by a problem with the movement of the build plate on the Z axis, or a problem with the limit switch itself.

The following steps are advised to resolve an issue with the Z axis or limit switch:

  1. Check that the build plate is lowering completely while homing. If it isn't, check for obstructions under the build plate
  2. Turn off the printer, and manually lower the build plate until you hear a “click”. If you do not hear a click, continue with the next steps
  3. Check the bottom panel below of the printer below the build plate (where the Z limit switch is located). The limit switch housing is slightly elevated. Make sure there are no obstructions (e.g. small pieces of filament) on the switch that could prevent the lever from switching properly

If the problem still persists, please contact support by raising a support request above.

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