ER32 - Z axis stuck or limit switch broken

This error refers to a problem with the Z limit switch, which is located at the bottom of the printer, under the build plate. The limit switch is used for homing the build plate and ensures that it won’t move down any further when it has reached the bottom of the Z axis.

When this error occurs, it means that the Z limit switch is not triggered properly. This can either be caused by a problem with the movement of the build plate or by a problem with the limit switch itself. This error can both mean that the limit switch stays activated when it should be released, or that the switch is not activated when it should be.

The following steps are advised to resolve an issue with the Z axis or limit switch.

Check for obstructions

Objects under the build plate, such as printed parts or tools, can prevent the build plate from lowering completely. This means the Z limit switch will not be activated at the end of a print, or when selecting Lower build plate via the Maintenance menu.

Make sure the bottom of the printer is cleared of all objects. Never store items inside an Ultimaker printer.


Check the cover

Additionally, check for small pieces of filament around the Z switch. A piece of filament stuck in the limit switch cover can keep the switch activated, leading to an ER32 message.

Also make sure that the cover is properly seated around the switch. If you see this error message after installation, the cover may have come unseated slightly during shipping. Manually raise the build plate and keep it supported. The cover is secured with a little tab at the top. To remove it, press the cover on both sides and pull it forward. To reseat the cover, align the tab at the bottom with the switch and gently push it back in place.


Check the limit switch

To check if the limit switch is functioning properly, find the diagnostic feature in the menu on the display. In the Preferences menu, navigate to Maintenance - Diagnostics - Test homing switches. Manually raise the build plate and check if the switch shows as Released. Press on the Z limit switch and verify that the switch now shows as Pressed on the display.


If the diagnostic test shows the correct activation states, the limit switch is properly connected and functional. If not, make sure to perform the other troubleshooting steps on this page and raise a support ticket for further assistance.

Check the motor movement

Another possible cause for the Z switch error message is if the Z motor is not moving at all. After making sure that the limit switch is functional and not obstructed, try moving the build plate via the menu. 

In the Preferences menu, navigate to Maintenance - Build plate - Move build plate and try the options Raise build plate and Lower build plate. If there is no response from the Z motor, the ER32 message will be triggered after some time. This indicates a hardware problem with the Z motor or the motor drivers. 

If you require further support, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

Please ensure to include the error number (ERXX) and your printer's log files.


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