What is the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager?


The Ultimaker S5 Air Manager improves the Ultimaker S5 3D printing workflow and efficiency. With a connected Air Manager, the Ultimaker S5 is enhanced with the following features:

  • UFP filtering. The Air Manager encloses the top of Ultimaker S5 and ensures an inside-out airflow. The air passes through an E10 filter whereby Ultrafine Particles (UFPs) get trapped.
  • Optimized material compatibility. The Air Manager will automatically adjust its fan speed to optimize print quality per material.
  • Physical barrier. The enclosed top prevents users from reaching into the machine during operation and ensures particles from the environment do not influence the print result. 

The Air Manager, together with the Material Station and the Ultimaker S5, form the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle.

Note: The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is designed to unlock demanding applications with an extended range of (third-party) materials. Check the Ultimaker Marketplace for material profiles that are optimized for the Air Manager.

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