Printing with Ultimaker materials on the Material Station

All Ultimaker materials are NFC tagged. Therefore Ultimaker materials are automatically detected and read by the Material Station. The loaded configuration is sent via Ultimaker Connect and visible on Ultimaker Cura through the network, or on your printers management page on the Utimaker Digital Factory when cloud connected.

Preparing a print job using Ultimaker Cura makes all possible dual extrusion configurations of a network connected Material Station are displayed in the configuration panel. When receiving a print job, the Ultimaker S5 will automatically forward the correct material spool.

Material usage tracking

NFC materials store the amount of material left on the spool. During printing of NFC materials the Ultimaker S5 utilizes the flow sensor to track material usage, and writes the new amount to the NFC chip. The amount of material spool is displayed on the user interface via a battery icon. The charge of the battery reflects the amount of material left on a spool. The battery icon is also visible through Ultimaker Cloud. 


The battery shows 4 full bars when the spool is new and the battery empties as the spool of filament depletes. For materials that lack an NFC chip, the battery contains a ‘?’ icon.

When an end of filament situation is detected, the Ultimaker S5 will automatically select the next material of the same type and resume printing.

Note: When there are two materials of the same type loaded into the Material Station, the Ultimaker S5 will always consider the first loaded material spool as the oldest spool. Therefore The Ultimaker S5 will use the first loaded material spool for printing.

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