Printing with the Material Station

The Ultimaker S5 Material Station improves the Ultimaker S5 3D printing workflow and efficiency. With a connected Material Station, the Ultimaker S5 features: 

  • Access to up to 6 material spools. Load up to 6 material spools from the front of the Ultimaker S5. The 6 different material bays are shown on the display and the configuration menu on the Ultimaker S5 changes its user interface to reflect this. When an NFC material is loaded into any bay, the material will automatically be read and displayed. Furthermore, the user can easily see on the display towards which extruder the material is loaded
  • Automatic filament switching. When an end of filament situation is detected by the Material Station during printing, the Material Station will automatically switch to the next available material spool of the same type. For this reason, we recommend having a backup material spool always loaded towards the same extruder
  • Humidity-controlled material storage. Reliable humidity-controlled storage chamber maintains the loaded spools in optimum condition

The Material Station, together with the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager and the printer itself form the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle.

Note: The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is designed to unlock demanding applications with an extended range of (third-party) materials. In order to fully benefit from this, good integration between the software and hardware is needed. Not all third-party materials have a completely integrated workflow with the Material Station. Please look at the Marketplace for the latest compatibility information.

Tip:   It is recommended to position stiff filaments, such as PVA in the filament path that has fewer curvatures and thereby less stress on the filament. Therefore, it is recommended to use PVA in bay F when using extruder 2 or alternatively in bay A when using extruder 1.


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